May 6, 2009

Going to market

Today is a banner day...we sent two of our children to market without either Tim or I with them. Katie finally got her drivers license (about time, she is only a month shy of 21!) and she and Christin (19) went to the Brazos Valley Farmers Market in College Station.

I hope they remembered is amazing the things that we pack for market and that isn't including product!

*two tables
*table cloths
*weights for each leg (each one weighing 50lbs each!) plus straps to attach them to the tent
*bags for customers to carry product in, if needed
*cash box (change)
*receipt book
*business cards and stands
*copies of pertinent papers--licenses, insurance, etc
*"Why Goat Milk?" brochures and stands
*photo album of goats
*hand sanitizer
*sample cups
*gloves for giving out samples
*paper towels
*display milk containers
*laminated reviews of our product
*duct tape (just because)
*extra milk caps (we have had caps from sample bottles go flying)
*wooden sign with product listed
*white board with product prices
*trash can
*trash bags
*strollers/diapers/child paraphenalia when children come too
*baby goats, bottles for baby goats
*clipboard with email sign up sheet
*clipboard to track product sales
*bottles of product for samples

And now we get to duplicate it! This coming Saturday, God willing, we will be in three different markets at the same time. Katarina will be at the Grogan's Mill Market in The Woodlands. I will be at Bayou City in Houston and Tim will be at the market in Austin for the first time. There was a time when weekends were for relaxing...

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