Apr 14, 2009

What a way to wake up!

I woke up this morning with Liberty snuggled next to me. She does this a lot and I am not complaining or concerned. I figure soon enough she'll be grown and gone and not interested in cuddles.

She was still asleep. Liberty is NOT a morning person, she is definitely a night owl. Left to her own devices, she would happily go to bed every night at 2AM and get up at 10AM. To test how soundly asleep she was I quietly said "Liberty, we had baby goats last night."

Instantly her eyes shot open. "We did? From who?"


"Oh! I thought it would be from that other one...um...what's the one who broke her leg?"

"You mean Hallie?"

"Yeah, her!"

"No, from Nueces."

"What did she have?"

"Go look for them and see!"

"No, wait...a girl and a boy?"

"You got it right!"

"Who was she bred to?"

Who was she bred to?! The girl is six years old!!! I didn't have a clue about anything like that until I was over ten and it took serious conversation and a special book bought for the occasion and a mom who was very open, really, but had a hard time looking me straight in the face when she named the pertinent body parts! I guess there are no stork illusions left at Swede Farm!


Liberty pops out of bed and traipses off to find the newest additions to Swede Farm. Less than two minutes later she is back, and she urgently tells me "Big goats are out!" It takes me a few seconds to even come close to comprehending what she is saying. "Wha...?" "Big goats are out!"

Sure enough, When I open Katie's door to tell her to come and help I can see a small herd of goats running and playing across the South side of the house. We all run out in our jammies and herd the goats into the holding pen o await milking time. I am amazed at the number of ears I see milling about in the pen so I do a quick count...every single Alpine milker went on walkabout and one lone lamancha. I have told people that the alpines are the most curious of the breeds that we have and this seems to confirm that.

Now to go find out what they were eating while on walkabout. Sigh...

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