Mar 12, 2009

The Two Faces of Kidding Season

Well, it is total mayhem here. Technically we are pretty much done with "kidding season". (At least round one, we still have round two coming in late April/early May.) Pregnant goats aside (their time is coming)we have had eighteen goats kid in the month of February. This means that we are up to our necks in milk (yay!) and scrubbing milk pails (sigh), baby goats (yay!) and scrubbing baby goat bottles (sigh), making yogurt and chocolate milk (yay!) and, you guessed it, scrubbing the bottler and yogurt vats (sigh). This takes place practically round the clock. As I type this it is 9:33PM. We only just now finished dinner, clean up is (hopefully) taking place as I type. Katarina is in the dairy pasteurizing milk for Saturday's market. Judah (still very much awake) just walked up to me to proudly pronounce "I NAKED!" Yes, son, you are. I needn't ask why he is naked, I know why. It is because he cannot find any clothes in his drawers...because they are all here instead...

So, I wanted to share with everyone a glimpse of what our lives are like right now. It is called survival mode.

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Karen said...

Reminds me of my daughter.
She ALWAYS waited until all the clothes were dirty before she even started washing. She would have an entire load of just socks.
You would probably have more than one load of socks, if the little ones would wear them, right?