Mar 16, 2009

They are in the air!!!!!

Two very loooooong months later our girls are coming home!

January 13 Christin (19) and Grace (16) left to spend two months in Europe with my brother and family. While I would not for the world have begrudged them the opportunity to do and see all that they have done and seen, there has never-the-less been a huge hole left n the fabric of our family.

With such a houseful one wouldn't think that two less would even be noticeable, but it is, and not for the work that has been left undone. Each member brings something indefinable to the household, a different shade to the palette, if you will. We are "less" without them, in more than numbers.

We have been counting down their return in hours...a few days ago Sara said "Fifty-seven hours 'til they come home!"

My father-in-law (loved but a cranky pessimist) said "you won't be able to keep them on the farm now that they have seen what is out there!" I told this to Grace who shot back "I'm not ever leaving the farm again!" Yes, she has always been a homebody, but the time without her horses, rabbits and goats has been hard for her. And her Sethy. She has missed him something fierce. Christin has asked almost incessantly how Lottie (her lamancha doeling) is and how Judah is doing. They are full of stories and even more pictures but I don't think we have anything to fear regarding their desire to remain on the farm.

They are in the air and will be arriving at 3:15 this afternoon. We are all in a frenzy here, it is on everyone's minds and lips "Grace and Christin are coming home!" we tell the toddlers. They greeted us this morning when they bounced out of bed with "Chris and Grace are coming home!"

It feels like Christmas.

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