Mar 26, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Before we started the dairy I loved rain. I love the sound of rain, seeing trees wet and dripping. I even loved the smell of rain when we were living deep in the city.

After we got goats I really grew to appreciate rain when, the second year of farming we saw hay prices skyrocket even when hay could not, in many places, be found due to drought. We saw the pond grow smaller and smaller as the cracks in the ground grew larger and larger and our pile of brush grew larger and larger due to the ban on burning.

Now that we have the dairy, rain almost seems like a personal assault. It functions as a reminder of all of the items on my "to-do" list that remain undone. Those loads of sand that I didn't get ordered (or spread) on the path between the house and the dairy building (and the resulting mud tracked into the house and dairy alike)...the holes patched in the animal shelters so that they don't get rained on...the drainage ditch that was supposed to be cleared so that the goat's pasture dries out faster...the list seems endless and daunting and the rain serves to taunt us with every drop.

I have decided that I love rain...everywhere but right here, right over Swede Farm. I long for the day when Texas sees ample rain to stay beautifully green, there are no more burn bans, hay looks great and stays reasonably priced, we are able to burn the accumulating piles of brush...and Swede Farm stays nice and toasty dry.

Or maybe we should just go tackle those dry day jobs for the time when we have rainy day weather. You think?

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