Mar 23, 2009

No more excuses.

Things have slowed down, somewhat. There are no more baby goats hitting the ground every hour, it seems. The livestock show is over. The girls being back from Europe means that there are more hands available to keep things running smoothly.

This means one thing...I no longer have an excuse for the mountain of laundry that has taken over the entire length of the seven foot long couch, extending four feet up from the surface fo the couch. If this goes on for much longer I will have to get the play pen from the attic and use IT as a laundry basket as well! is the day that the pile meets it's maker. We will conquer or die, this IS a hill to die on.

At least until tomorrow, when we have to do another seven loads of laundry. Oh in a big family...

The livestock show is over for the year. Katie showed goats, Sara showed rabbits. The rabbits were the last two days of the show and Sara showed for the first time, not just in the Houston Livestock Show, but her first rabbit show EVER. Other breeders had very nice things to say about her rabbits, and her prize dutch, Lightning won ribbons! We are all really proud of Sara and the work that she has put into her rabbits and Sara now has stars in her eyes and is planning her next show. She gleefully told me that there are over 200 rabbit shows each year in Texas alone.

Why do I already feel weary?

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Katarina said...

200?!?! I wish we had that many goat shows. lol