Mar 3, 2009

Crazy times

This is a crazy season. Generally these days life is ordered by the routines of milking and pasteurizing increasing quantities of milk. Throw in the daily kid care responsibilities of bottle feeding three times a day, washing up from that and the hands-on care of any babies that need more attention than the rest and there seems time for little else.

I guess we got cocky this year, after all this is our fifth year to experience kidding and baby season. And two of our older helpers gone in Europe? That's no big deal! So, since we have all of this extra time on our hands we need to find something to do to fill that time. So, let's see...yes! It's time for the Houston Livestock Show! Surely there are a few goat breeders out there who need an extra hand (since we have so many and we aren't showing this year) so let's send Katarina (aka the "Farm Manager") to the show for three days. And of course we can't have Tim bored, so let's find a nice four day long cheese making workshop for him to attend all week, 4 hours away (like this one). That leaves...let's see. LeeAnne. With eight children, six of them ten years old and under. And 75 or so goats to tend to. And 4H meetings and little league practice and milk customers and, of course, laundry.

I normally take umbrage at those who infer that I am crazy for having eleven children or other sundry lifestyle choices and convictions. Today, though, I think I agree.

Pray for me. I could use it.


LeeAnne said...

We are doing fine here in Uvalde now that we found a computer with internet at the library. Cheers.

Katarina said...

I went three days without a computer and lived!!

I had a great time at the Houston livestock show, meeting new people, seeing old friends, showing, shopping for sisters, etc. It was great!