Feb 9, 2009

Pictures soon?

Well, the time has come to concede defeat. The camera will not be found without taking a dramatic, irrevocable step.

We are going to have to buy--and use--a new camera.

We have tried threats. They failed.

We have tried rewards (cynically known as bribes). Unexpectedly, they too failed.

We have tried just waiting patiently. It failed.

It is time to use a new camera. It will not be sufficient to simply buy a camera, if that were the case the decision would be easy, simply buy, come home, find the old one and return the unopened new camera. No, the old one will remain hidden just long enough for us to buy, open , and use the new camera enough times to preclude returning it.

I guess the old camera was lonely and wanted a mate.

Too bad they won't reproduce once we have a pair.

1 comment:

Michelle Bennick said...

Leeanne-I am up late tonight and I am enjoying reading all your posts. You a a great writer--your descriptions of life are soooo good and this camera post was hilarious. Your posts are fun to read because it is obvious that you love your life and are running a business that you love! I hope to one day find that thing that I love and am good at one day too just like you have in your dairy business. It was good seeing you guys today! --Michelle