Feb 19, 2009

Kidding updates

Well after having three does kid on Monday, we had a break on Tuesday and much of Wednesday. Wednesday evening (of course as soon as it got dark, with no lights in the pen!) Liendoe kidded a sweet (and flashy) doeling. Then Miss American PI had a single buckling. I was so unsure about going to bed as Rose was looking...close but not quite there. When we woke up at 5:30 she had one buckling out and the other buckling on the way out. Two HUGE boys! This makes 100% boys from Legend over the two years that he has been in use. ARGH! I SO wanted a doe kid from this breeding! I was looking just yesterday at the planned pedigree from the parents and letting my mind wander to the showring. The ultimate in not counting your chickens--err doelings--before they are hatched. Sigh. Oh well.

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