Feb 8, 2009

It's started!

Of the fifteen does due to kid this month, the first one has done it! A sweet little first timer who barely looked pregnant had a single buckling this evening. Way to go, Princess! She sure snuck that one in on us, she was not even CLOSE to being in my list of first five to go, maybe not even first ten! She hardly looked bred, all we had to indicate that she was was a positive blood test. Her little udder remains just that--little, she hardly uddered up at all like they usually do before kidding. I am glad that I had that thought just before going to sleep to have some of the girls go out and check the does that are due to make sure all were tucked in and not pushing or anything!

Well, momma doe has been checked and cleaned up, baby has gotten his navel and feet dipped, his shot of selenium and his tummy filled with colostrum. I am off to bed...for the second time tonight!

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