Jan 11, 2009

Ruby Update

Ruby, the goat discussed a few posts ago continues to be nursed back to health. She is up in a sling for much of the day as she is too weak to stand. She has gradually started putting more weight on her feet and yesterday walked three feet to nibble on some yaupon (a perennial goat favorite) being held out to her to entice her. There are reports that she has been seen chewing her cud which is a sign of rumen health. So...we are still not out of the woods, she needs to be able to bear her own weight consistently and move around but she is not going backwards and seems to be making tiny steps towards health. If I listed all of the things being done for her it would likely boggle your mind but it is a commitment that we made so I guess as long as she isn't in pain and seems to be making improvement we continue.

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Feral Nature said...

LeeAnne, wonderful writing, love the story of Ruby....Diane