Jan 23, 2009

Just for Linnea

Linnea (fifth daughter, a month out from 13 years old) said that she doesn't like the picture on the blog. Told her dad "I don't like that picture, it makes you look too city-slickerish!" (This from a girl who spent most of her life in the fourth largest city in the country!)

I told her that I would remedy that and she got a wary look...like she knew that she had just stepped into a trap and was already regretting it. "Fix it...how?" Well...you know all of the ways that parents can embarrass their teenaged and pre-teen daughters, posting family pictures online has to earn one special kuddoes. So here for Linnea...a non city-slickerish picture of her dad, complete with embarrassing ripped shirt and sweat.

Oh, and no snakes were harmed in the taking of the picture, it was a rat snake found behind the garage and Tim wanted pictures taken before he let the snake go in our woods.

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